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Jixiang Wonton

Shanghai Shihao Catering Management Company Limited is a Chinese fast food chain brand management company. Since the company was founded in 1999 "auspicious wonton" brand, adhering to the "benefit sharing, risk sharing, casting brand, continue to support the" business philosophy, the use of commercial franchise mode, in accordance with the "standard, unified, management principle simple", in ten years, the number of stores auspicious wonton "reached more than 1 thousand, formed in Shanghai as the center, the radiation pattern of the chain.

Create China convenience store style fast-food chain brand mascot is the constant pursuit of dreams, in the past ten years, people auspicious innovation, hard work, eclectic, based on absorbing the international chain brand management experience on the basis of product attributes and positioning itself, forming a covered market development, marketing, finance, management. Production logistics, many aspects of research and development and other unique management system as the basis, the chain scale auspicious, auspicious is the key to future competitiveness.

Looking to the future, the lucky person will continue to fiery passion, sincere reputation, to provide consumers with satisfactory rest assured dining services, to create their own strong fast food brands