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About Qindian!
  • Shanghai Qindian Machinery is a professional manufacturer of granule and powder packaging machines;
  • The price-performance ratio of its bag packaging machine and teabag packaging machine is high;
  • Screw packaging machines and pillow packaging machines have been recognized by many users after years of production research.
Cost-effective advantage!
  • Procurement of raw materials; thick steel + brand accessories supplier;
  • Eliminate manual errors and avoid some errors caused by workers when they produce packaging parts for a long time;
  • Change the company's production structure, reduce labor costs, product costs, and improve packaging quality.
Product advantages!
  • Our packaging machine has high precision; automatic weighing, feeding and sealing;
  • Parts processing, each part is strictly in accordance with the standard quality inspection
  • More than 5 years of experience in installation and commissioning by technical engineers.
Product after-sales advantages!
  • Our equipment has undergone idling tests, trial packaging with materials, and multiple inspections;
  • In order to perfect our packaging machine after-sales service; we have established a dedicated after-sales team;
  • Ensure that your packaging machine will not delay the production schedule due to malfunctions during the production process.
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