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Shanghai Qindian Company with strong technical force, rich production management experience, perfect quality management and customer service service system, and establish a good reputation among the users, we make Shanghai Qindian Company in the fierce competition in an invincible position.The quality, brand, quality, character is the pursuit of Qindian.Advocate dedication and professionalism, adhere to honesty and integrity, enterprising and encourage innovation, pay attention to quality, the pursuit of excellence, closely rely on the collective wisdom of team strength and constantly create new image of Qindian company.Qindian people believe: dedication is to maintain the basic conditions of enterprises, the common interests of the individual and the society, always work will not be regarded as acts of depravity and ignorance.

We have a firm and clear quality。Never ignore any link in the product quality chain.In the enterprise's hardware and software environment reflects the strict quality standards, in order to fundamentally create every one with our products are directly and indirectly related to the serious, rigorous, meticulous work habits.Never act rashly, and don't despise anything.We maintain the business ecosystem.Always maintain a fair relationship with our customers, suppliers and partners.We believe in the supremacy of the customer's business ethics, always meet the customer's fundamental desire as the core of our business activities, with excellent product quality and flexible, timely, perfect after-sales service to win the trust of users.We will put aside the short-term interests and short-term gains that hinder our business, reject any short-term behavior, and always see the long-term goals of the enterprise and the individual.We will refuse to act contrary to our values of speculative behavior, always believe in the natural law of pay and harvest, we always adhere to the "self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence," the creed.Never arrogant and conservative.We will be filled with enthusiasm to the Shanghai company's growth James Zhuang Dazhong, make their own spiritual realm and economic progress every day.Shanghai Qindian tomorrow depends on our efforts, but also need your support!