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Shanghai Jujiang coffee food Co., Ltd.

Founded in Shanghai in 2001, the main coffee, coffee equipment, tea and beverage products.Jujiang company adhering to the "dedication to work, work together" business philosophy, always adhere to the consumer satisfaction in the first place, to keep the credibility of the characteristics, high-grade, excellent price characteristics to win the praise of the vast number of consumers.Jujiang after many years of dedicated hard work, in 2008 officially changed its name to the Shanghai giants coffee food Co. Ltd., has become the domestic famous modern baking business, and the first to introduce a full set of Italy "AROMA" coffee overall production process manufacturers.In 2011, Shanghai Jujiang coffee and Shanghai Boguan through the powerful combination of enterprises, opening up the Brazil high-end coffee raw materials and brand access.There are different from the original status of Santos common imported from Brazil, master of the introduction of Brazil's first brand "Yi pan coffee" and IPANEMA manor high quality raw material, so that more coffee consumers have knowledge and understanding of the new window of good coffee.In order to give consumers more safety, health, fresh products, coffee giant investment in new 3000 square meters of large-scale modernized production base, and the introduction of large-scale high-end baking equipment and related R & D personnel, and will increase the development and production of tea, tea, fruit and vegetable juice drinks and other projects.In the face of the future, the masters will be more full, more passionate spirit to meet the challenges of the market.Jujiang people will unite, seize the day, continue to adhere to the high quality and professional service to take the world attitude, and strive to create "the first brand" China coffee.

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