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Konka Group Limited by Share Ltd

Konka Group was founded in May 21, 1980, formerly known as "Guangdong Guangming overseas Chinese electronics company, is the first joint venture China was born after the reform and opening up, the initial investment of 43 million Hong Kong dollars.1991, Konka Group for the restructuring of foreign public joint-stock company.In 1992, Konka A, B shares listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange at the same time, the existing total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan, net assets of nearly four billion yuan, the total share capital of 2 billion 408 million shares, OCT Group is the largest shareholder.
Konka Group mainly engaged in color television, mobile phone, white appliances, household appliances, LED, set-top boxes and related products R & D, manufacturing and sales of precision molds, injection molding, tuner, printed circuit board, transformer and mobile phone batteries and other ancillary services, is the electronic information enterprises Chinese leading.

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