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Shanghai Xinyi Wanxiang pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd

Shanghai Xinyi Wanxiang pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 1890, now has 120 years of history, is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, sales, the registered capital of one hundred million yuan of high-tech pharmaceutical production enterprises. The company has two drug manufacturing base, a municipal pharmaceutical technology development center.Solid preparation, penicillins and small drug production base of raw materials and technology development center is located in Qingpu District of Shanghai City, Zhao Zhong Road No. 217, soft capsule production base is located in Shanghai city Jinshan District ting Lin Zhen Xing Gong Road No. 298.The enterprise not only through the national drug GMP certification, solid preparation and soft capsule manufacturing workshop has passed MCC certification in South Africa.The company mainly produces cardiovascular based soft pill, capsule, tablet and granule formulations, a total of more than and 180 products covering drug approval, cardiovascular system, anti infection, digestive system drugs, antipyretic analgesics, nervous system, calcium, Department of Dermatology, vitamin systems such therapy.The company's "Xinyi" trademark was named A Well-Known Trademark in China. Product sales network covering all the provinces and cities of China, production approval and tails tails firm in South Africa in 2000 the implementation of the registration and are exported to Southeast Asia and South Africa and other international markets.In the future, the company will focus on research in the field of soft capsules and release controlled, continuously strengthen their ability of innovation, nurturing the core competitiveness of enterprises, to create high quality, sustainable growth and enterprise characteristics, preparation, characteristics, brand boutique technology expertise.