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Heilongjiang Yunjia Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang provincial Yunjia Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is located in Harbin high tech Development Zone, is a new medical instrument, biological materials, medical materials, development of natural food, high-tech professional production for the integrated enterprise.The company has strong independent research and development apabilities, strong scientific research and cooperation with some universities and research institutes, joint research and development of products.The core component of the company's scientific research, is one of the members of the national standardization Specialized Committee, has participated in the national basic research projects and research and development of new products, and participate in the drafting of relevant national standards and technical review of related products.Heilongjiang province Yunjia medical science and Technology Co., Ltd. for the National Standardization Committee of the relevant technical committee of the deputy secretary general unit.

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