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Shanghai Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd of Shanghai city medicine limited company subordinates Chinese industrial sector, has a complete modern production base, in recent years to develop two times to the quality of products, brand reineck as a guarantee, a majority of people trust the modern large-scale Chinese medicine enterprises.The company pays great attention to the outstanding Chinese medicine treasure heritage, its main products are from China medical classics, modern medical or modern clinical, with Liushen Pill, compound Bauhinia consumption injury Babu plaster, Huodan pills, Zhenjujiangya tablets, Danshen Tablets and a large number of after years of temper Changxiao long the drug, a majority of clinicians and patients trust choice. Also the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine as its mission, long-term focus on high-tech development, research and development of innovative drugs, improvement of the classical prescription, become the production demonstration base of modern Chinese medicine; the practice of "responsibility, professional, cooperation, innovation" the enterprise values, social services, Huize People named the central civilization office and other awarded a number of awards.At present, the company to further strengthen the brand variety, competitive advantage, enhance the core competitiveness in the higher level, to achieve leapfrog development in the new starting point, become the China Chinese medicine industry brand enterprises, make greater contribution to the development of Chinese medicine.