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Jiangyin Dahua food Co. Ltd.

Jiangyin Dahua food Co. Ltd., founded in 1997 by former Jiangyin City Lucai hall restructuring, is a professional production and sales of all kinds of pastries, such as cooked food and cooked food Steamed Buns joint-stock enterprises.In December 1998, Jiangyin Dahua food Co. Ltd. of Jiangyin city government to undertake the project ". All staff in the chairman and general manager under the leadership of Wu Huan, the spirit of the municipal government responsible and responsible attitude to consumers, adhere to the" strict production management (i.e., food sanitation laws strictly and strict product quality law. The procurement of raw materials and product quality, strict personal hygiene and sanitation procedures and quality control), adhere to the "six unified" sales management (i.e. unified fixed point, unified facilities, dress uniform,unified distribution, unified management), won the community and the vast majority of consumer recognition and love Welcome.In ten years, the implementation of the "demonstration project of Dahua food into their food" project of Jiangyin city.

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