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Xi'an Ancient Capital Alex Hua Tian Assured Breakfast Engineering Co., Ltd.

The ancient capital of Xi'an Alex Hua Tian assured breakfast Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in September 2006, mainly engaged in Xi'an area and assured breakfast fast food nutrition project promotion business, is to establish a modern enterprise system of private joint-stock enterprises.In December 18, 2006, Xi'an City assured breakfast project officially started in the north square of big wild goose pagoda.The company is located in Yanta District of Xi'an city and the District, currently set up the two staple food processing and distribution base, construction of more than 26 thousand square meters of modern closed breakfast food production processing and distribution base, production, processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, sales, can meet 500 thousand breakfasts and 150 thousand fast food production processing and distribution.Companies adhering to the "government guidance, enterprise undertaking, operation principle of the operation of the market, with a unified identity, unified procurement, unified production, unified distribution, unified price, unified six principles, unified management, centralized management, decentralized sales, fixed time to provide consumers with nutrition and health, cheap breakfast food, not only a few dollars to eat, can eat delicious, eat nutrition, in order to" safety first, quality assurance management business philosophy for the first "," old Alex Hua Tian "has become a famous brand in Xi'an city!