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Fifteen years of wind and rain, it’s time to set sail

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Fifteen years of wind and rain, it’s time to set sail

    ————Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Shanghai Qindian

The years are like songs and the wind and frost are like picturesque. In fifteen years, Shanghai Qindian celebrated its 15th birthday. For fifteen years, Qindian people have worked hard and forged ahead in the fierce market competition, accepted the baptism of market storms, and achieved fruitful results. To celebrate this special day, on November 1, 2021, the 15th anniversary symposium of Shanghai Qindian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held in the multifunctional hall on the second floor of the company. In this symposium, more than 20 old employees participated in the meeting to review, share, and witness the joy, glory and glory of Qin Dian for fifteen years. Familiar or unfamiliar faces, new breakthroughs and leaps Everyone reviewed Qindian's step-by-step process over the past fifteen years. This situation has made every Qindian person feel excited.

After 15 years of hard work, the people of Qindian have achieved leapfrog development of the enterprise by virtue of their solid character and honest and pragmatic style. The young Qindian has gradually grown into a leader in China's packaging machinery industry. Fifteen years of prosperous years have created the Qindian brand and brought together the spirit of Qindian. It also accumulates a strong Qin Dian culture.

In his speech, the general manager explained Qindian’s fifteen years of development and future corporate development plans. Mr. Yang said: After more than ten years of continuous development, Qindian has struggled and struggled from the initial stage of entrepreneurship. So far, it has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, processing, production, service and product upgrading and industrial iteration. It is a national packaging machine technology innovation demonstration base and a China live broadcast internet celebrity rural revitalization demonstration base. The company's products have served nearly 10,000 brands at home and abroad, covering more than 60 countries and regions! Looking forward to the next five years, it is the key five years for the company to explore the domestic and international markets and shape the international brand; it is the key five years for the company to become a packaging machinery manufacturing base in China; it is the key five years for all Qindian people to seize opportunities and accelerate development . Qindian will be integrated into the national rural revitalization strategy, and will continue to develop towards industrialization and platformization, and build Qindian into a new type of industrial + Internet complex enterprise! Then Mr. Yang thanked all the staff for their hard work and bowed to thank you! And wish Qindian greater progress and brilliance in the future!

"Hua Zhang has a long history", the 15th anniversary celebration symposium of Shanghai Qindian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is not only a milestone in the company's journey, but also a gas station for the company's sustainable development, and a new starting point for the company to be fully intelligent and modern. . Go upstream and take advantage of the trend to jointly create a more glorious tomorrow for Qindian Technology.