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CRM Development Engineer

 Shanghai,Bachelor degree,More than 3 years working experience,The gender is not restricted

Job description

Job Responsibilities
1)Responsible for the company BPM system implementation and continuous improvement, continuous need to optimize the BPM

system architecture, and the development of BPM system Roadmap.
2)Responsible for the collection of new business requirements and business process modeling and analysis, propose solutions

and ensure the project quality and quantity
3)Be responsible for BPM system daily maintenance and process monitoring to ensure high efficiency and high availability
4)Responsible for BPM system and other business system interface maintenance and implementation, including SAP, CRM, PLM and other interfaces

Job Requirements
1)Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, more than 3 years experience in project development
2)Familiar with the principle of workflow management, and familiar with the process development experience based on

workflow platform, Agile Point working experience is preferred
3)Proficient in system development based on Visual Studio.Net (C#) and SQL Server, and successful project experience
4)Good ability of system analysis and design
5)Good project management skills
6)Good communication skills and team work spirit, strong sense of responsibility

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