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Cofco Corporation

Cofco Corporation (COFCO) is a global leader in the field of food and agricultural products, diversified products and services provider, in the trade of agricultural products, logistics, processing and sales of grain and oil food production, provide food for nearly 1/4 of the world's population.
Based on the global view to meet the market demand, COFCO enterprise development and the world food supply and demand situation of food together, through the international strategic layout, creating a new business model, build from the field to the table the whole industry chain, to truly become a global business layout, international staple food grain and oil products enterprises.Relying on the global and domestic logistics network node layout, so that food can be more efficient food production and circulation.At present, China more than $71 billion 900 million in assets, 336 branch companies and institutions covering more than and 140 countries and regions, the global storage capacity of 31 million tons, the annual business volume of nearly 1.5 tons, the annual processing capacity of 89 million 500 thousand tons, annual capacity of 54 million tons. The port of transit.At the same time also has including planting, purchasing, warehousing, logistics and port, global production procurement platform and trade network, and the world's largest food producer in South America, the Black Sea and other countries and regions and has the world's largest incremental demand for food in emerging markets in Asia have established a stable food corridor.
At present, China has more than 180 factories in Chinese, 230 Chinese million point of sale terminals across 952 large and medium-sized city, a rural county of hundreds of thousands.Through the improvement of the industrial chain, COFCO has formed many brand portfolio of products and services: Fulinmen edible oil, Great Wall Red Wine, Kinde chocolate, Tunhe tomato products, k-fit meat products, wugudaochang Xiangxue flour, instant noodles, LOHAS, joy Shopping Mall, Yalong Bay resort, tea tea, such as finance and insurance.As an investment holding company, COFCO owns nine listed companies, including Chinese food (00506.HK), COFCO, Mengniu Dairy (00606.HK) (02319.HK), COFCO packaging (00906.HK), city real estate (00207.HK) and five Hong Kong listed companies, COFCO Tunhe (600737.SH), alcoholic liquor (000799.SZ), COFCO real estate (000031.SZ) and COFCO biochemical (000930.SZ) four mainland companies.By virtue of its excellent performance, COFCO continued U.S.  wealth  Journal of global top 500 enterprises in the food industry, Chinese 100 first.