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Jiaxing Zhenzhenlaolao Food Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Zhenzhenlaolao Food Co., Ltd. is a professional production of dumplings food enterprises.At the beginning of twentieth Century, Jiaxing dumplings founder Mr. Feng Changnian (Note: Jiaxing Chronicles) in the old city of Jiaxing Zhang Jia Nong initiated "Zhenzhenlaolao" dumplings.The son of Feng Yueming, in the modulation process based on the unique inherit fathers will, after 100 years of formula extraction, and ultimately create a unique flavor of the old Jiaxing Zhenzhen dumplings, and in 2012 was named municipal Intangible Heritage Festival folk.Company covers an area of 90 acres, with the most advanced rice production line, the annual production capacity of up to 200 million dumplings.At the same time, the company also has a strong technical force, in strict accordance with the QS and HACCP food safety management system, modern enterprise management system to run efficiently.Has won the "Chinese famous snacks", "Jiaxing famous trademark", "Jiaxing municipal agricultural leading enterprise", "Zhejiang Province Agricultural Science and technology research and development center", "Zhejiang Province Agricultural Science and technology enterprise" and other honors, and consecutive sessions, won the "national dumplings Festival Award.In 2012 the enterprise has passed the food industry enterprise credit management system evaluation.Zhenzhenlaolao marketing network is based on the axis of Jiaxing, East China region as the focus of radiation to the country.The products of the company are stationed in Suzhou, Changzhou, Yangzhou, and the city's breakfast companies such as Ningbo, in the surrounding areas have a higher visibility and reputation. As Jiaxing dumplings first person, "Zhenzhenlaolao" in the dumplings enterprises bigger and stronger at the same time, pay more attention to carry forward the Jiaxing dumplings culture. In 2009 to build the country's first museum - Jiaxing Museum dumplings dumplings in the city of Jiaxing River ancient streets.