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Wantwant Group

Want want company's business can be traced back to the Taiwan Yilan food industry Limited by Share Ltd. The company officially want to invest in the mainland market in 1992, Taiwan is the first registered trademark in mainland China and has the largest number of registered trademark of the company, set up in 1994, the first factory in Hunan, 1996 listed in Singapore.
Wangwang since the investment in the mainland market, Taiwan, Chinese footprints all over the mainland, Hongkong, Singapore, Japan. As of June 2006, to cover the regional market as the goal, set up factories in more than and 110 Chinese area, creating more than 200 production lines, over tens of thousands of distribution partners, business scope across six continents in more than and 40 countries and regions.Wangwang company started business back to May 1962 in Taiwan to set up the Yilan food industry Limited by Share Ltd. It was mainly canned food and agricultural production to export as the main business.

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