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Shanghai Shangyi medical Polytron Technologies Inc

Shanghai Yi medical Polytron Technologies Inc mainly engaged in baby warm, warm, warm paste, Nuangongtie, dysmenorrheal, physiotherapy paste, hot steam goggles, warm foot patch, hand warmers, mosquito repellent stickers, mosquito repellent bracelet, household in addition to formaldehyde activated carbon, antipyretic paste, cooling paste and other products, is a set of warm paste. Medical equipment and other products in one of the major medical health products manufacturing and sales business, is also one of the light industry standard drafting < > warm paste.Has a standardized GMP production workshop, and a number of automatic import warm paste production line.Nissan fomentation products up to 400 thousand, is the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia and other countries many of the world's largest thermal products OEM production base.

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