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Shuntian Warm Products Kunshan Co., Ltd.

Shuntian warm products (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is located in Jiangsu City, Kunshan Province.The company specializes in thermal products (disposable hot) design and II types of medical equipment products, production and sales at home and abroad. After the founding of the company actively in Chinese domestic procurement of raw materials, reduced the cost of production or operation.In addition, our detection system from Japan to introduce advanced production technology and professional, through the ISO13485 quality management system certification and CE certification of products, at the same time we have the domestic medical equipment production license and registration certificate.The company in addition to its own brand, mainly produces all sorts of meet customer requirements of warm paste products. Our company can deal with other aliens that retie and small batch orders, welcome to consult.Shuntian warmth is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China, we have been in constant innovation and development, every day, and strive to move forward.Warm up, warm your body, let you have a strong body, warm, warm your heart, let you have a beautiful mind!

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