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Wenzhou Ye Tongren Food Development Co., Ltd.

Ye Tongren was founded in 1670 (Kangxi nine years), has been 341 years of history, after several generations, with 300 years of Ye Tongren, is extant in Wenzhou as one of the few hundred years old.In the more than and 300 years of history, the traditional culture of Chinese medicine and modern business philosophy organically, has formed its own unique culture of Chinese medicine, such as "although no one see, know one day" business sense, "it's simple," business philosophy, for the development of Wenzhou Ye Tongren even a hundred years old has played a crucial role.Chinese herbal medicines and pills, Ye Tongren's business history of the powder, paste, etc. in real Dan, material processing, exquisite, complete taste is famous in the world. Its products with unique formula, excellent material, exquisite workmanship, and has significant effect in Zhejiang.

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