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The 210th Hospital of PLA

The 210th Hospital of PLA Chinese located in known as the "Northern Pearl" of the coastal city of Dalian, Shenyang is the center of.1954 military stationed in South Liaoning hospital reorganization renamed the 210th Hospital of PLA during the period, the hospital has removed Jilin, Liaoning Province, two to three, more than half a century after the baptism and generations the hard pioneer, now has developed into a financial medical, teaching, scientific research in one of the modern large-scale comprehensive three A-level hospital, Third Military Medical University, The Fourth Military Medical University, Dalian Medical University teaching hospital.
Hospital of 500 beds, the actual deployment of 800, covers an area of 340 thousand square meters. There are 36 sections, 50 professional. The traditional Chinese medicine blood as "national key disciplines of Chinese hematology disease, TCM Research Institute of Hematology, and was approved as a military hospital in hospital - Dalian North TCM Hospital of blood disease agents. As the base of clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacy command center. Department of Urology, Shenyang military region, the key departments, eugenics Center for military eugenics counseling center.
The hospital has all kinds of senior experts, 98 professors, 2 doctoral supervisors have (of which, Chinese medicine system and 1 doctoral supervisors), 11 master trainers, postdoctoral 3 people, 14 doctors and 92 masters. With linear accelerator, body spiral CT, digital subtraction X machine, ultrasound. Head body X knife, argon helium knife, nuclear magnetic resonance and other large and medium sized medical equipment, the total value of more than 9500 yuan.