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Sanjiang Qinghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Brief introduction of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Sanjiang Cordyceps source Polytron Technologies Inc Tibetan Minyan: honesty as the roots of the trees, if there is no root, the trees have no life of.1998 years, relying on the Sanjiang source region of Cordyceps sinensis from the source of the Sanjiang brand richly endowed by nature, born, than the source of Sanjiang Nature Reserve was established two years earlier.Sanjiang source of the brand after 18 years of focus, integrity and pragmatic, independent production and distribution of "Sanjiang" brand of Cordyceps sinensis, Rhodiola, Fritillaria, saffron, Saussurea, ginseng fruit and other local rare medicinal herbs, are exported to the country more than and 20 provinces, city, autonomous regions and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia as a whole, the business the products are known for genuine authentic.That brought Cordyceps, knowledgeable people know that these words -- the world see Chinese Chinese Sanjiang Cordyceps, Cordyceps source.

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